PCRB Introduces Modernized, Enhanced Experience Rating Worksheet


The Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB) has revamped and modernized the Experience Rating Worksheet, making it more user-friendly and effective.  This update is the first in over 25 years and complements the newly revised Experience Rating Plan.

“Our enhancements have created a worksheet that is much easier to understand, use, and interpret,” says PCRB President and CEO Bill Taylor. “Our team has worked hard and taken great care to create a tool which enables valuable insights on workplace safety.”

The new Experience Rating Worksheets offers:

      • Enhanced formatting and improved usability
      • Increased transparency with visible formulas
      • Detailed breakdown of classifications and reported payroll
      • Availability of detailed charts

To help users navigate these changes, the PCRB has created learning videos – Experience Rating Worksheet Walkthrough and Experience Rating Modification Calculator User Guide – which are available via its Experience Rating page.